Every Business Needs an Exit Strategy.

I help business owners get ready to transition out of their business to their next great thing - on their terms and timeline.

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What did you want when you started in business?

Chances are, if you are like most people, it would have included some of these concepts:

  • Earning More Money

  • Creating More Lasting Wealth

  • Being The One In Control

  • Doing More Of What You Love

  • Leaving an intergenerational legacy

  • Working Fewer Hours

  • Having More Time For Vacations

If you also happen to be like most business owners, chances are your current reality doesn't quite reflect the visions you once had.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can work fewer hours, earn more money, build value that buyers will pay for and reduce your stress levels.

Click below to gain clarity and take control over the four critical elements of successful businesses - Time, Team, Money, and Exit Strategy.

About Len Bruskiewitz

Len Bruskiewitz, CEPA

Certified Business Coach & Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Len Bruskiewitz is a Boston area-based FocalPoint Business Coach. His ideal client is a business owner aged 55+ who is looking for guidance on how to get ready to transition out of their business in the next 2 to 10 years. Len's ideal client values honesty, ethical practices, and expert guidance and is open to focusing on parts of the business that increase exit value. They prioritize building an efficient and profitable business that becomes less reliant on them over time - which makes it more attractive to buyers and less stressful for the owner.

With extensive experience at some of the leading providers of solutions to small businesses and in various functions, from financial planning & analysis to general management to strategic partnerships, Len has developed a strong analytical and business development skill set that enables him to identify and implement effective and long-lasting solutions for his clients.


As a Certified Business Coach, I Help You:

  • Develop and execute succession plans to prepare your business for transfer or sale

  • Reduce the stress you feel by having a plan in place for your business, personal life and personal financial life

  • Determine the value of your business today - and what it could be with a focus on value creation

  • Work with you to build up your intangible assets - which account for ~80% of the value a buyer pays for your company

  • Separate yourself from the business - improving both work-life balance and the value of your company

  • Provide training and workshops for team communication, change management and productivity growth

  • Work with you 1 on1 or in a group setting to problem solve and share best practices

1:1 Coaching

The most effective coaching program that is customized based on your goals. My program creates awareness, where we develop an action plan, and then a process of accountability. Your goals become my goals and we strive to achieve them together.

Group Coaching

Effective and economical. Sometimes the best way to make progress on your transition plan is to work with a group of like-minded but non-competing business owners. These sessions typically take place over 3 months.

Training & Workshops

Does your business need help with managing change, communicating more effectively or setting goals. Training sessions can range from 1/2 day to 2 full days depending on the topic and can be customized to your specific needs.

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Complimentary business analysis and plan using an on-line tool that is sent directly to you with no obligation or spamming.


"Len's diversified business experience, high integrity and his keen insights into the small business customer segment were extremely valuable to my Company. I strongly recommend Len as a trustworthy professional and would not hesitate to work with Len in the future."

Jeff Plumer

"Len has been a mentor for me throughout my career and has helped my grow my business"

Kate Maslowski

"Len is a fantastic resource! He brings great insight into business processes. I highly recommend him to help your business if you are struggling with figuring out what is next. "

Sam Kight

"Len's "focal point" is coaching small business owners like myself how to focus on getting my business ready to sell. It was refreshing to meet Len. What he offers is unique to those 55+ who need to prepare to no longer let their business run their life and to enjoy themselves."

Janet Munro

"Len has chosen his advising skills to address a very specific need: Facilitating the transition from business owner to selling your business to retirement. I can't see this service being anything but useful and increasingly relevant for the next decade or two." Tobin Brogunier

"I highly recommend Len Bruskiewitz for his expertise in helping business owners with their exit strategies. His services are crucial for those who haven't yet considered their future transition. Approachable and well-prepared, Len offers solid planning support to ensure your business is ready for whatever lies ahead. "

Dana Callahan

Office: Westford, MA

Call 617-356-8102

Email: lbruskiewitz@focalpointcoaching.com

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